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Julho 2006
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Rwanda LAND (Research) - 42
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Centre d’étude de la région des Grands Lacs d’Afrique

Faced with a serious land crisis, the Rwandan government adopted a new national land law and policy. These measures are part of a long historical process of expansion of state control over property, including land and cows. The Government cites security of tenure as the primary objective of the new policy and law. The rigor and speed of implementation of these measures will vary from one community to another. This paper argues that some feel threatened by the new law and will act as they find necessary to protect their interests.

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Alison Des Forges

Le Centre regroupe les chercheurs de l’Institut de politique et de gestion du développement (IOB) qui orientent tout ou une grande partie de leur recherche sur la région des grands lacs. Le Centre privilégie l’étude de développements contemporains dans les domaines politique, économique et social. Il publie chaque année un Annuaire.  La documentation extensive du Centre est incorporée dans la bibliothèque de l’IOB.

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The LAND Project is a five year program supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Its primary goal is strengthening the resilience of Rwandan citizens, communities and institutions and their ability to adapt to land-related economic, environmental and social changes.

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