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Schmidtsdrift CPA

Schmidtsdrift CPA
Scoping and staus quo report

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Setembro 2008
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The report is structured into nine chapters and an appendix:

  • Chapter 1 provides a short history of dispossession and the subsequent claim settlement process
  • Chapter 2 provides a socio-economic profile of the community and an assessment of human capital available to manage this large and complex project
  • Chapter 3 reflects on governance, membership and rights. It examines the extent to which substantive rights of the members have been adequately addressed, assesses the management of the Schmidtsdrift Communal Property Association
  • Chapter 4 profiles the different conflicts which have significantly immobilised development on the land
  • Chapter 5 provides a review of diamond mining at Schmidtsdrift including the allocation of community mining rights on a section of the mining land. It also addresses the environmental impacts of diamond mining and the effectiveness of current rehabilitation initiatives.
  • Chapter 6 reviews agricultural activity, natural resource management and irrigation potential on the land
  • Chapter 7 provides an overview of the game farming initiative at Schmidtsdrift and a preliminary review of its potential
  • Chapter 8 provides an overview of the different human settlement areas and an assessment of nonfarm livelihood opportunities
  • Chapter 9 provides an analytic review of the key issues which must be addressed as part of the process of strengthening the CPA, clarifying rights and responsibilities, resolving conflicts developing management systems and capacity in order to secure development benefits for the membership on and off site.
  • Appendix 1 provides an inventory on the extensive documentation that is available on Schmidtsdrift.
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