VGGT: Fold-out User Guide to the analysis of governance, situations of human rights violations and the role of stakeholders in relation to land tenure, fisheries and forests, based on the Guidelines | Land Portal

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Janeiro 2014
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This guide provides tools to understand the Voluntary Guidelines on the responsible Governance of Tenure, which sometimes uses technical language that is not easy to understand for those who are not used to reading this kind of text.

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The International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC) is an autonomous and self-organised global platform of small-scale food producers and rural workers organizations and grass root/community based social movements to advance the Food Sovereignty agenda at  the global and regional level.

More than 6000 organizations and 300 millions of small-scale food producers self organize themselves through the IPC, sharing the Food Sovereignty principles as outlined in the  Nyeleni 2007 Declaration* (paragraph) + 6 pillars of the synthesis report.

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