Supporting participatory agricultural land use consolidation for sustainable development and food security in Egypt | Land Portal

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Março 2022
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This report was commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( RVO is responsible for the implementation of the LAND-at-scale programme, a demand-driven land governance support programme. The programme currently holds a portfolio of projects in 14 countries. LAND-at-scale supports interventions based on the UN Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (VGGT), with particular attention to interventions that support food security, rule of law, private sector development, gender equality and climate action. In the context of LAND-at-scale, the Netherlands Embassy in Egypt requested RVO to scope and formulate opportunities for a programme in Egypt that closely builds on earlier NL-supported interventions to address increasingly fragmented land holdings in Upper Egypt. The Terms of Reference for this report call for a preparatory study to gain deeper insight of and knowledge for the programming of a participatory, blended land management approach in Egypt from 2022 onward. Specifically, the Terms of Reference calls for a study focusing on the ongoing MALR/WFP project in Upper Egypt and on ways to reinforce its outcomes.

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Shahd Mustafa


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