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Deadline: 30/08/2015
Region: Global (including Europe)
Country: Italy

The International Land Coalition is a coalition of 207 organisations from 64 countries.  ILC’s function as a network brings together diverse but complementary efforts, particularly between intergovernmental and civil society organisations. ILC supports its members through its three strategic Objectives: connecting members with each other and with change-makers beyond the Coalition; mobilising members by reinforcing and equipping their efforts with the necessary knowledge, capacity, and opportunities; and influencing governments, their partners, and corporate actors

Members of the International Land Coalition (ILC) in Africa, Latin America and Asia are organized into regional platforms. Each regional platform meets once a year to approve ILC’s priority actions for the region, which are subsequently integrated in ILC’s global work plan. For each regional platform, a light regional coordination unit hosted by a member and headed by a Regional Coordinator supports the implementation of the regional component of the ILC work plan, under the oversight of a regional Steering Committee.

Moreover in 2012, ILC launched a new approach to country-level work (“National Engagement Strategies” - usually referred to as NES) to better serve one of ILC’s main objectives of influencing land-related policies’ formulation and implementation at national level  to realize people centered land governance.

Regional and national platforms are becoming more prominent in ILC.  In support of the effective functioning and strengthening of the regional  and national platforms, a regional contact point is established within the Global ILC Secretariat for each regional platform.

ILC Secretariat is Looking for:

The ILC Secretariat is now seeking two qualified professionals as full time consultant positions for the regional and national engagement support for Africa and Asia within ILC Secretariat. 

The consultants will be hired for a eleven month period to: (a) act as support to the regional coordination; (b) support regional grant performance and impact assessment; and, (c) support cross-regional and inter-members fertilization (d) act as a support to the national engagement strategies implemented in the region of reference

Expected skills and competencies

  • Graduate degree in a relevant discipline, with at least three years’ post-qualification relevant experience at the professional level.
  • Network experience and Multi-stakeholder consultation process experience
  • Exposure to development processes and human rights issues in the region
  • Knowledge of policy and programme issues, trends, and approaches in promoting secure and equitable access to and control over land for women and men living in poverty
  • Self-motivated and able to work effectively with a multi-cultural environment.
  • Proactive in identifying and implementing solutions to overcome challenges
  • Excellent written and spoken English is essential. Knowledge of  additional languages widely spoken in Asia or Africa is an added advantage.
  • Demonstrable advanced oral and written communication skills.
  • Participatory proposal development skills
  • Excellent computer literacy and familiarity with web-based tools.

Responsibilities and tasks

The key areas of work and specific tasks to be performed by the consultant are the following:

A.    As support to the regional coordination:
1.    Support the regional and global coordination in membership support (members profiles, contribution expansion, network survey and competency assessment)

2.    Support the regional and global coordination in improving network vibrancy

3.    Support the regional coordination in implementing regional component of the ILC multi-year  Workplan, taking into account the outcomes of the 2015 Regional Assembly;

4.    Provide and facilitate needed technical assistance for the development of quality proposals for initiatives to be funded by ILC in the region;

5.    Support the regional platform in mobilising regional resources

6.    Support regional and global coordination in maintaining and strengthening the existing systems of communication between the ILC Secretariat, members in Africa/Asia, and other partners of ILC to foster information sharing, lesson learning, dialogue and cooperation; 

7.    Provide inputs for preparation of project report/s and institutional documents (e.g., e-newsletters, annual report, etc);

B.    Support cross-regional and inter-members fertilization

8.    Liaise between global initiatives and their modalities of implementation and impact at regional level

9.    Facilitate International ILC member (IGOs and CSOs) to interact and engage with ILC CSO members based in Africa/Asia.

C.    Act as a support to the national engagement strategies implemented in the region of reference. 
10.    Support review and finalization of NES formulation proposals, agreements 

11.    Support the NES coordination in improving network vibrancy at national level

12.    Facilitate and Monitor NES implementation in focus countries. Ensure NES processes provide inputs to  ILC’s M&E system, and support  focus country teams in extracting lessons learned from NES processes. 

13.    Document NES stories and producing NES communication material (national, regional and global flyers and broad documents) for both online and hard copies distribution
14.    Facilitate internal technical review of NES  and quality enhancement for effective impact and cross country learning 

15.    Support NES coordination mechanism at national level and ensure relationships with IGOs, other ILC members and ILC strategic partners.

16.    Participate in NES supervision missions and support the development of the NES monitoring baseline and dashboard.

D.    Other tasks
17.    Complete any other tasks, as may be requested by the ILC Director and/or the Regional Coordination and /or Steering Committee.


The Consultant will be hired by the ILC Secretariat for an 11 month (or equivalent eg retainer contract for up to 230 days) period at the equivalent of IFAD P-2 level, to be confirmed on the basis of the consultant’s qualifications and experience. The contract may be renewed or extended based on availability of funds and satisfactory performance. The Consultant will work under the supervision of the Programme Manager, Global Network and Monitoring Coordinator. The position is based at ILC Secretariat in Rome, Italy.

Application procedures

Please send an updated CV and motivation letter to info@landcoalition.org by 30 August 2015, indicating your availability. We will respond only to short-listed candidates.

ILC is an equal opportunities employer. Whilst all applicants will be assessed strictly on their individual merits, qualified women and candidates from Africa and Asia are especially encouraged to apply.


For more information, please visit the ILC website or contact the International Land Coalition here.

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