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Samoa Americana
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American Samoa Bar Association
 Post Office Box 23
 Pago Pago , American Samoa 96799
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We are the licensing body and the official bar association for all of those who practice law in American Samoa. The American Samoa Bar Association serves to promote justice, the rule of law, and the interests of the legal system. We do this through public education, legislative review, promoting the judiciary, and advocating the rule of law. We also offer a legal scholarship to a student that shows exemplary academics and a desire to promote the rule of law in American Samoa.

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Samoa Americana, Oceânia

The purpose of this Chapter is to provide for proper development planning so as to safeguard public health, the environment and economic growth and well-being in American Samoa. There shall be a Zoning Board. In order to carry out the purposes and provisions of this Chapter, areas within the territory of Samoa are divided into ten zones, amongst others, an Agricultural Zone, a Watershed Conservation Zone and a Recreation Conservation Zone. For each zone permitted activities are specified.

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