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The Central African Republic is a sparsely populated country well-endowed with natural resources –land, forests and minerals – that could have accelerated the country’s development. However, the political instability in the Central African Republic has prevented the construction of infrastructure and basic services such as hospitals and schools.

Learn more about successes and challenges and find more detailed land governance data in the Central African Republic.

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Total population is based on the de facto definition of population, which counts all residents regardless of legal status or citizenship--except for refugees not permanently settled in the country

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Kate Eshelby
17 Maio 2019
Central African Republic
ONGs ambientais "ocupam" territórios para criação de "parques nacionais" em África. As populações são escorraçadas e presas pelos "guardas florestais" pagos pelas ONGs, muitas delas financiadas por governos europeus.
Os donos das terras andam revoltados com o que está a acontecer. 




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ASF intervenes in countries where human rights are not respected, where political violence and armed conflict reign, and where legal rules are flouted.  Justice in those countries, too often arbitrary, does not guarantee the security of the population.  Conflicts are not satisfactorily resolved before the local courts.  People whose rights have been abused tend to resort to vigilante justice, which evolves into the law of the strongest or richest, and contributes to a climate of violence.

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