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This indicator measures the total dryland area (in sq. km) that can be defined as arid, in a given country.

Measurement unit: 
Sq Km

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Matt Ming
8 Agosto 2018
Nas colinas do norte do estado de Siquim, no nordeste da Índia, a comunidade drokpa tem uma vida pacífica, mas difícil. As colinas ressoam as canções que os drokpas utilizam para cada atividade. Eles não são moradores comuns que residem no mesmo local durante décadas e têm uma fonte estável de renda. Drokpa é uma palavra tibetana que pode ser traduzida como “nômade” ou “pastores das terras altas”. Há muitas gerações, no entanto, os drokpas vêm se ocupando de uma atividade que pode desaparecer de Siquim em breve: o pastoreio de iaque.
31 Julho 2018

O agravamento da situação de instabilidade na Nigéria está a afectar o Governo e a comprometer, em particular, as ambições de Muhammadu Buhari conseguir os votos suficientes para um segundo mandato nas eleições que decorrerão em Fevereiro do próximo ano.

Stefano Giambellini
9 Julho 2018

Os recentes confrontos no Estado de Plateau, centro da Nigéria, entre pastores e agricultores e que provocaram cerca de 200 mortos, foram apenas mais uma etapa de um conflito étnico antigo que tem como razão de ser a disputa desesperada pelo acesso a terras aráveis.





Conservation Letters (Conservation Letters)

Conservation Letters : A Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology

University or Research Institution


The motto of the Copperbelt University is "Knowledge and Service" . Enshrined in the motto are the following strands:


The Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (EASSRR) is a bi-annual journal published by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern Africa (OSSREA). Since the publication of its maiden issue in January 1985, the EASSRR has been serving as a regional forum for reflective thinking and critical discourse on the economic, political, and social aspects as well as development issues of the countries and sub-regions within the Eastern and Southern African Region


International Journal of Social Science Studies journal encourages and publishes research and studies in the field of Anthropology, Archaeology, Area Studies, Communication Studies, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Management, Philosophy,Political Science, Psychology, Sociology.

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Society for Range Management logo
University or Research Institution

The Society for Range Management is the professional scientific society and conservation organization whose members are concerned with studying, conserving, managing and sustaining the varied resources of the rangelands which comprise nearly half the land in the world. Established in 1948, SRM has over 4,000 members in 48 countries, including many developing nations.

SRM’s members are land managers, scientists, educators, students, producers and conservationists–a diverse membership guided by a professional code of ethics and unified by a strong land ethic.

Non Governmental organization

The Ethiopia Sheep and Goat Productivity Improvement Program (ESGPIP) is a USAID- funded five-year project designed to reduce constraints to increased productivity of small ruminants in Ethiopia through appropriate interventions.

The League for Pastoral Peoples was founded in 1992 to provide relief in an acute crisis experienced by Raika camel pastoralists in India. Its initial mandate was to support pastoral societies and other small-scale livestock keepers to pursue their own vision of development through research, technical support, advisory services and advocacy.

United Nations Agency

UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) is a world leader in biodiversity knowledge. It works with scientists and policy makers worldwide to place biodiversity at the heart of environment and development decision-making to enable enlightened choices for people and the planet.


University or Research Institution


Our Vision is to be a world-class university committed to scholarly excellence.

Our Mission is to provide quality university education and training and to embody the aspirations of the Kenyan people and the global community through creation, preservation, integration, transmission and utilization of knowledge.

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