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Making Rangelands Secure

Find here the "Call for Participants" and related information and forms for a year-long learning initiative 2011-2012 on ‘Making Rangelands Secure’,  including a 10-12 day learning route from Nairobi to Arusha, developed by the International Land Coalition and partners.

Many ILC and WISP members and their partners work to support positive change taking different approaches to securing rights to resources and land in the rangelands. Some of these are challenged by a lack of information on what constitutes good practice and what approaches are most suitable to different contexts and situations.
In order to inform, develop and improve these programmes and to learn from other similar initiatives, ILC and WISP, together with Procasur, IFAD, FBSA and RECONCILE have developed a year-­‐long learning initiative to identify better ways of securing rights to resources and land for local rangeland users.

A Learning Initiative is an itinerant continuous process of exposure to new ideas and innovations, good (and bad) practice, and training in the field. It emphasises the experience and acknowledges the value of the learning knowledge and practices developed both at policy level and in the field by rural development practitioners. It is organised thematically, and structured in a way that develops different mediums of learning for the participants. It is anticipated that the learning generated will be shared with a wider audience and used to initiate positive change through the development of innovation plans and the creation of a virtual learning community.

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Please note: Deadline for application is the 11th November 2011.

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