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January 2011

Land plays a very important role for farmers, especially ethnic minority farmers - whose living resources mainly based in agriculture. During the implementation of Innovation since 1986, the development and implementation of land policies to match with the conditions of the market economy and the process of industrialization and modernization of the country is considered a breakthrough in Vietnam. In this context, many land policies have been issued, with separated or related provisions for ethnic minorities (Vuong Xuan Tinh, 2007). The policy was reflected in legal documents, such as Land laws, resolutions, decisions, decrees, circulars of the National Assembly, Government and Ministries related to land use.

This report will analyze the legal basis of land use planning related to ethnic minorities in Vietnam. The content of the report is a review of the national legal documents, and within certain range there will have examples of Central Highlands area serving for the activities of the Vietnam UN - REDD Programme.

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