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communal ownership

Communal ownership is a commonly used term to describe those situations where rights to use resources are held by a community.

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October 2023

This video is about the everyday struggles of Munda people of Datinakhali Mundapara in Shyamnagar upazila (subdistrict) of Satkhira district in Bangladesh. Munda is one of the indigenous communities in the country.

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April 2023

Eight facts about community land and biodiversity conservation. This short report synthesizes the scientific evidence affirming the importance of Indigenous Peoples and local communities - and the security of their rights and tenure - in protecting ecosystems and biodiversity. 

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November 2022

Le Cameroun est favorable à l’exploitation minière, pour promouvoir le développement national. Cette option a entraîné la création de nouvelles catégories de permis, intermédiaires entre la mine industrielle et l’artisanat minier : la petite mine, et la mine artisanale semi-mécanisée.

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Policy Papers & Briefs
February 2021

COVID-19, Biodiversity and Climate Change: Indigenous Peoples Defining the Path Forward
Reports & Research
October 2020

Indigenous Peoples and local communities manage more than half of the world´s land. These biodiverse ancestral lands are vital to the people who steward them and the planet we all share. But governments only recognize indigenous and community legal ownership of 10 percent of the world´s lands. Secure tenure is essential for safeguarding the existing forests against external forces.

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May 2020

Pastoralism faces diverse challenges, that include, among others, land tenure insecurity, that has necessitated the need to formalize land rights. Some governments have started regularizing rights for privately owned land, but this is complex to implement in pastoral areas where resources are used and managed collectively.

Customary Land Recognition in Zambia
Reports & Research
December 2018

From January 15 to February 6, 2018, the USAID’s Tenure and Global Climate Change Program and Land Portal Foundation co-facilitated a dialogue on experiences of documenting household and community-level customary rights in Zambia.

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May 2018
South America

La serie presenta cartillas con información actualizada de los derechos de los Pueblos Indígenas en el Perú y las normas internacionales referidas a ellos, poniendo un mayor énfasis en lo relacionado al derecho al territorio y a la tierra, desde los procesos de reconocimiento y titulación de las Comunidades Nativas.