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Unduly setting apart or taking for one's own use, control or management of a stretch of territory.

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19 February 2019
South-Eastern Asia

A few re-alignments have been made on the federal front, but following May 9th, business has continued as usual in Sarawak, the only state not to hold its local elections at the same time.

14 February 2019
South America

Report finds Brazil's indigenous communities are facing growing attacks, threats and land grabs under the new president.

9 January 2019

In Uganda, there were at least 17 “land grabs” since 2000 with contracts totaling 74,831 hectares of land, according to Land Matrix data

A new report has linked land grabbing to worsening climate change, calling on governments to secure community land rights to protect the world’s natural resources such as “forests” that mitigate effects of climate change.






Adecru - Acção Académica Para O Desenvolvimento Das Comunidades Rurai


Boost the focus of citizen conscience and sovereign agenda for local development promoting greater involvement and interaction between various national and international actors in favor of solidary and fair development of communities.



Rural Communities more actives in setting up priorities, definition, implementation and evaluation of action for their own development

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