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Gaurav serves as the Senior Forests and Lands Campaigner at Friends of the Earth. He advocates for private financial institutions to stop financing deforestation and human rights violations. Gaurav spent three years at the Rights and Resources Initiative supporting Indigenous Peoples and local communities’ struggles for the recognition of their land, forest, and natural resource rights. He collaborated closely with grassroots organizations and social movements in India, Nepal, and Indonesia, in the face of intense land grabbing, increasing criminalization, and rapid climate change. Previously, Gaurav spent a year in Liberia alongside the Sustainable Development Institute and Namati, organizing rural communities to document their traditional lands and conducting advocacy around Liberia’s Land Rights Policy. Gaurav is a firm believer in the power of storytelling to serve as a catalyst for social change. He holds a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.



Our vision is of a peaceful and sustainable world based on societies living in harmony with nature.

We envision a society of interdependent people living in dignity, wholeness and fulfilment in which equity and human and peoples' rights are realized.

This will be a society built upon peoples' sovereignty and participation. It will be founded on social, economic, gender and environmental justice and be free from all forms of domination and exploitation, such as neoliberalism, corporate globalization, neo-colonialism and militarism.


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