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Institutional & promotional materials
February 2015
Eastern Africa

The present document consists of a workshop presentation in which are illustrated three different studies from three different projects, focused on natural resource governance, but all relevant to land use planning.

Journal Articles & Books
February 2016

Biophysical restoration or rehabilitation measures of land have demonstrated to be effective
in many scientific projects and small-scale environmental experiments. However circumstances such
as poverty, weak policies, or inefficient scientific knowledge transmission can hinder the effective

Journal Articles & Books
January 2017
Northern Africa

Egypt, where the mean temperature is expected to increase by 1−1.5°C over the next two decades, is particularly concerned with climate change in the Medi- terranean. Most of the research works on adaptive animal traits have focused on sheep and goats in non-irrigated areas, with little interest in livestock systems in irrigated areas.

Conference Papers & Reports
December 2017
Western Asia

This research activity titled “ACTIVITY A6: DEVELOP METHODS FOR INTEGRATED ASSESSMENT OF RESTORATION INTERVENTIONS (IMPACT ON SOIL AND ECOSYSTEM FUNCTIONS) AT BADIA SCALE AND AT EXPERIMENTAL SITE SCALE” was funded as part of the Project titled “Sustainability and Operationalization of Established Regional Agricultural Research Centers in Five Arab Countries” (sub-project “Restoration of Badia e

Journal Articles & Books
January 2016
Northern Africa

This study was carried out at the communal rangelands of Dhahar, Saharan area of Southern Tunisia, to assess the impact of restoration and rehabilitation techniques on natural vegetation cover. Two rangeland types (Rhanterium suaveolens and Anthyllis sericea) were subjected to three management modes: two years rest (M), reseeding Stipagrostis pungens (S) and free grazing (T).

Institutional & promotional materials
April 2018
Western Asia

Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM) was used to explore three different rangeland states’ implications on water and soil fluxes. The estimated baseline (A), based on literature review and community questionnaire, the actual degraded status (B), and the micro-WH based restored equilibrium scenario (C), based on field monitoring and modeling

Institutional & promotional materials
March 2016
Southern Asia

In order to improve water and land productivity through better water management, the workshop focused on increased surface irrigation efficiency through better land preparation and improved system parameters, and through Improved human capacity of local researchers and technicians.

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