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Journal Articles & Books
November 2011
Syrian Arab Republic
Northern Africa
Western Asia

CropSyst is the crop growth model chosen as a decision tool for the Tadla Benchmark project. CropSyst is a daily time step simulation model. The model was developed to serve as an analytic tool to study the effect of cropping systems management on productivity and the environment.

Journal Articles & Books
January 2012
Northern Africa

The objectives of this report are to evaluate and test, with community participation; the benchmark water management options which sustainably improve water productivity, net return per water unit, and optimize water use. The strategies evaluated have to be economically viable, socially acceptable, and environmentally sound in the three different agricultural eco-systems.

Reports & Research
November 2011
Southern Asia

This report summarizes results from a large multi-partner project, Integrated watershed development
for food security and sustainable improvement of livelihood in Barani, Pakistan. The project (2007
to 2010) aimed to develop, demonstrate, and evaluate cost-effective technologies for monitoring

Conference Papers & Reports
November 2017
Northern Africa

Many efforts have been invested in the Dry Areas to combat land degradation and desertification. Different strategies and approaches for conserving soil and water and restoring degraded lands have been developed by local, national and international agents to synergise efforts towards land degradation neutrality achievement.

Institutional & promotional materials
August 2017
Northern Africa

This off-line CRP-DS/ICARDA template of SLM technology description is partly adapted from those of WOCAT, however with major modifications and additions. It has six (6) main parts. The information fields that are inherited and modified from the WOCAT template are marked with WOCAT (Note: Inherited from WOCAT) and MW (Note: Modifed from WOCAT), respectively. All new fields are kept unmarked.

Institutional & promotional materials
October 2017
Western Africa
Eastern Africa

The document presents the progress of three interrelated components: 1) MEL-platform for supporting project planning and implementation of review and monitoring strategy; 2) Framework for Project engagement with Development Partners, measuring project outcomes and impacts where possible; 3)
Geoinformatics Options by Context (GeOC)

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