A África Central é a sub-região que fica no centro do continente. Para o Departamento de Estatística da ONU, compreende os seguintes países: Angola Chade Congo-Brazzaville Camarões Gabão Guiné Equatorial São Tomé e Príncipe República Centro-Africana (Wikipédia)

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The farmer and the cowman, the musical Oklahoma tells us, should be friends. Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, a remarkable young African woman who campaigns for land rights for her pastoralist Mbororo people, would agree.

She believes grazing and cultivating communities can benefit each other, in a traditional seasonal synergy. “It starts with cowshit,” she explains disarmingly. The dung dropped by the Mbororo’s cattle, roaming vast areas across Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and the Central African Republic, is an essential source of fertility for crops after they have moved on.




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The stated aim of Eastern and Central Africa Programme for Agricultural Policy Analysis (ECAPAPA) is to promote regional economic growth through application of growth-enhancing agricultural policies and, in the process, to help build a sustainable capacity in eastern and central Africa to utilise and contribute to agricultural policy research and analysis.

To accomplish its objectives and contribute to the overall goal, the Programme has three specific tasks:

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