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Development, the Society for International Development's flagship journal, has published its first issue of the year entitled 'Local Land Grabs'. A number of interesting articles on this theme are available for free download. See the issue’s Table of Contents below. Files are available for free download here.



Editorial: No More Black Fridays. Illustrates how graphic unsustainability of consumerism and global land grabs as two sides of the same coin. By Wendy Harcourt.


Introduction: Global Land Grabs: Investments, risks and dangerous legacies. Argues that global land grabs are a continuation of the unjust development with devastating effects on small land holders.

Introduction: Rushing for Land: Equitable and sustainable development in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Documents the wide range of different drivers of the global land grab, showing that the process is much more extensive and faster than usually reported in the media. By Annelies Zoomers.

Thematic Section: Land Speculation, Commodity and Food Speculation

Food Sovereignty and Alternative Paradigms to Confront Land Grabbing and the Food and Climate Crises. Calls for a paradigm shift towards food sovereignty based on genuine agrarian reform. By Peter Rosset.

Rice Land Grabs Undermine Food Sovereignty in Africa. Exposes the double dealing of governments and business in Africa over rice land grabs. By KARAT.

Gender and ‘Land Grabbing’ in Sub-Saharan Africa: Women's land rights and customary land tenure. Looks at the gender impacts of global land grabs in Africa. Jessica Chu.



Contexts and Procedures for Farmland Acquisitions in Africa: What outcomes for local people? Examines the problem of inadequate compensation for local people in Africa. By Lorenzo Cotula and Sonja Vermeulen.


La Via Campesina: Peasant-led agrarian reform and food sovereignty. Summarizes the findings of the Agrarian Reform Commission of La Via Campesina. By Faustino Torrez.

Dialogue: Land Grabs: Implications for equitable and sustainable development

Land in China: Struggle and reform. Describes the land grabs of the current agrarian reforms in China. By A C M (Guus) van Westen.

Special Economic Zones as New Forms of Corporate Land Grab: Experiences from India. Looks at the impact of land grabs for industrial parks at the expense of agricultural land. By Chigurupati Ramachandraiah and Ramasamy Srinivasan.

Land Alienation and Sustainability Issues in the Peri-urban Interface of South-West Nigeria. Discusses how to prevent land grabs in Nigeria. By Waheed Kadiri and Basirat Oyalowo.


Climate Crises: Defending the land. Argues that rural policy to support biodiversity, local knowledge of land and energy saving practices will help prevent climate crisis. By Shalmali Guttal and Sofia Monsalve.

Local/Global Encounters: Global Land ‘Negotiations’

Fuelling Conflicts: Overcoming asymmetry between global interests in Vietnam and Indonesia. Shows how large scale investments are not leading to poverty reduction are sources of conflict. By Paul Burgers, Rizki Pandu Permana and Tran Nam Tu.

Residential Tourism Causing Land Privatization and Alienation: New pressures on Costa Rica's coasts. Analyzes the struggles over land in Costa Rica. By Femke van Noorloos.

Whose Lands? Whose Resources? Describes the impact of land grab deals in Cambodia and Laos. By Shalmali Guttal.

Monocropping for Agrofuels: The case of Brazil Reveals the negative impact of agrofuels on the biodiversity of the Amazon and Cerrado. By Maria Luisa Mendona.

‘Through their Eyes’ – The photo exhibition. Presents images of women's economic activity throughout the CIS and EE region. By GRAIN

Book Review

Governance, Land and Development. Reviews three important studies with major impact on people, governance and land. By Giulia Frova and Wendy Harcourt

Book Shelf

Books and Reports on Land. Gives annotated descriptions of latest books on land and sustainable human development. By Laura Fano Morrissey.

Window on the World

Window on the World Features key civil society and social movement networks working on Land. By Laura Fano Morrissey.

Who's Who

Who's Who. Lists contacts and short bionotes of all the contributors

Last Word

Reclaiming Land and Livelihoods in Colombia: A photo essay. Depicts in pictures the impact of land grabs on peoples’ lives in Colombia. By Laura Fano Morrissey

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