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There is no doubt that good land governance is central and pivotal to larger processes such as poverty reduction, sustainable development and environmental sustainability.  Without good information and data on the matter, however, many opportunities to improve land governance and in turn, larger global processes, are vastly diminished. We believe Linked Open Data is a powerful means to equip people with the right information and tools to address land and property rights issues.

While the process is a challenging one, we are sure that we can achieve our mission.  You can help us by donating! As the Foundation is a registered non-profit in the Netherlands (ANBI), your donation can be deducted from your income tax*.


How can I donate?


Donating to the Land Portal Foundation supports its mission to promote secure land rights and equitable land access worldwide. Your contribution helps in fostering an open data ecosystem on land governance, aiding in informed decision-making and policy development. By donating, you empower their efforts in addressing critical issues like land degradation, climate change, and the rights of indigenous communities. Your support enables the foundation to continue its valuable research, educational webinars, and the dissemination of extensive land governance resources.





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Stichting The Land Portal 

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* Regulations may vary depending on national laws.

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