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About the Land Portal

We are living in a time where current information sources are in high supply, but more often than not, are fragmented, represent a strict set of perspectives and are not structured and curated in ways that allow for maximum discovery, engagement and sharing.  The Land Portal works to help partners to create, curate and disseminate land governance data and information to become part of a more inclusive, friendly and accessible information landscape. 


Our Mission

To build an information ecosystem for land governance that supports better informed decision and policy making at national and international levels. 


Our Objectives

  1. To improve documentation, mapping and monitoring of land governance issues through the provision of a widely used platform which includes structured information, tools and services.
  2. Promote, inform and enrich global debate and practice on key land issues while providing further awareness on selected thematic areas of central importance to land governance.  
  3. Raise awareness on Open Data principles, support the creation of a solid data infrastructure and build the capacities of information providers, in order to strengthen the flow of land governance information at all levels.



The Land Portal is a non-for-profit organization based in the Netherlands.  Set up in 2009 as a partnership project dedicated to supporting the efforts of the rural poor to gain equitable access to land by addressing the fragmentation of information resources on land, in 2014, the Land Portal became an independent non-profit. Through a variety of initiatives and partnerships, the Land Portal works to create a better information ecosystem for land governance through a platform based on cutting-edge open data technologies.


For any questions or comments regarding the Land Portal, please contact hello@landportal.info


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