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Land & Climate Change

Land use, land tenure, and climate change are closely intertwined. The effects of climate change, manifested in either rapid or slow-onset ways, has altered how land and natural resources are accessed, used, and contested.  As a result, global warming also contributes to destabilizing existing land and resource governance institutions and property rights.

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Close to 100 experts have been trained to bring about change in land use planning

8 August 2023

The right to land is a fundamental prerequisite to the other rights (economic, social, and cultural) that depend on land, and which determine the living conditions and social integration of Ethiopia’s rural and urban communities. In recent times, high rates of population growth, unregulated urban…

Realising Ethiopian Women’s Rights to Land

21 July 2023

Land rights are among the fundamental rights of women. Supporting women to secure their land rights ensures equity in ownership, and improved livelihood opportunities for rural women. It further contributes to food security, addresses poverty, provides a basis for climate action, and promotes long…

Bangladesh - Flooding, 2019,Photo by UN Women/Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

Climate change making Bangladesh's floods worse

23 June 2023

Excessive and erratic rainfall has caused devastating flooding, hitting parts of Bangladesh hard. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said there will be no quick respite for the country.


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Coping with climate stress in times of land insecurity: What do locals say?

3 August 2023

In this What to Read digest, we review four recent articles that focus on how rural communities in the Global South are dealing with climate disasters, including cases from Bangladesh, Colombia, and India.

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Indigenous Land Rights and the Biodiversity COP15: Six Months On

25 May 2023

After two weeks of tense talks, the recent UN Biodiversity Conference COP15 ended with a landmark agreement to guide global action on nature through to 2030. The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), includes concrete measures to halt and reverse nature loss, including putting 30%…