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7 May 2024
Ms. Laura Meggiolaro
Lilian Lee

We appreciated all of the people who took the time to leave comments, write emails, and take the poll. We heard you, and based on what we heard, we won’t be making any wholesale changes right now in how we refer to countries and regions that have historically been left out of economic and industrialized development. We are particularly sensitive to the idea that the term Majority World could, as Rafael wrote, “perpetuate a notion that could undermine the importance of minority groups. It appears to replicate the very idea that the worth or relevance of a group is tied to its size, which is a concept many of us are striving to move away from, especially those of us engaged in addressing the vulnerabilities of minority populations.” 

IATI community event banner
23 April 2024 to 26 April 2024


National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE)
Carrera 59, # 26 - 60

The IATI Members' Assembly and Community Exchange 2024 are taking place in Bogotá, Colombia.

International Aid Transparency Initiative
Land Corruption in Africa
23 April 2024
Southern Africa

This webinar will explore this intersection with stories from across the continent. Speakers will show how corruption undermines land equity programs designed to address the concentration of wealth and inequality in the land sector in South Africa, and how corruption exacerbates the historical marginalization of the Nubian community in Kenya, among other examples. Speakers will also explore how governments and civil society can effectively respond to the research findings, with a focus on policies and campaigns that promote accountability and information transparency in land governance. 

Land Portal Foundation
Transparency International

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Recent events
10 September 2024 to 13 September 2024


Radisson Blu Livingston

Theme: Smart Cities in Africa for the 21st Century

IoS Fair Transitions Platform & LANDac
3 July 2024 to 5 July 2024


Utrecht University Utrecht

Building on the successful collaboration in last year’s Annual Conference, the IoS Fair Transitions Platform (UU) and LANDac are pleased to launch this Call for a second joint Conference, which will have a somewhat different set-up from what you are used to and end with a Summit. We welcome your suggestions for panel sessions and round tables for the first two days. Building on your input, we will conclude on the last day with an experiment of democracy – a more-than human Summit. There will be limited hybrid options for participation in the Conference and the Summit.

IOS Fair Transitions

Recent blogs

4 June 2024

After a four-year hiatus, the World Bank Land Conference took place again in Washington, D.C. this May, convening one thousand government, civil society, and land stakeholders in person and thousands more online. The theme of the 2024 conference was "Securing Land Tenure and Access for Climate Action," an exciting and meaningful frame for discussing an issue near to our hearts – open access to land information. 


The Land Portal organized a panel on building a robust and open land information infrastructure for tenure security and climate action in Africa, moderated by Romy Sato. The session featured an outstanding panel of speakers from the public and private sectors representing perspectives on land data from Malawi, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, and Uganda.

Rapid Response Mechanisms
4 June 2024
Ms. Rachael Knight

Rapid response mechanisms (RRMs) are a new, proactive legal approach designed to provide legal and technical support to communities facing nascent conflicts related to land-based investments. RRMs provide preventative rather than reactive legal help the moment a conflict arises or community members’ rights are threatened, rather than trying to reverse rights violations once they have already occurred. 

Recent news

6 June 2024
Latin America and the Caribbean
South America

Interview with a same-sex couple who requested a joint title to formalize their property in Colombia.

15th Anniversary of the Land Portal
15 May 2024

This year, the Land Portal marks 15 years in action. We began as a simple, yet ambitious, website in 2009 by aggregating fragmented land data for people searching for free, reliable information to support land rights protection for vulnerable people. 

8 May 2024

For over two decades, the World Bank Land Conference has been an important and necessary forum for the land sector, bringing together participants from governments, development partners, civil society, academia, and the private sector to showcase research, discuss issues and good practice, and inform policy dialogue. The Conference encourages cross-sectoral knowledge exchange and this year, the Land Portal team is eager to attend the relaunched Land Conference from May 13-17, 2024 in Washington, DC.

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