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Land & Corruption

Land governance is a sector particularly vulnerable to corruption due to the economic and social value given to land. For the same reason, corruption in land governance has high social costs affecting food security, social justice, environmental protection, women empowerment, cultural diversity, human rights, and the safety and sustainability of cities and communities.

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Workers on the HCB oil palm plantations © H. Nicolaï, 1955. Courtesy: The Oakland Institute.

Colonialism Revamped in the Democratic Republic of Congo

21 April 2024

140 years ago this November at the Berlin Conference, Belgium’s King Leopold was recognized as the sole owner of the Congo Free State, a territory including the entirety of today’s Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Leopold’s reign was marked by slavery, millions of deaths, and widespread…

Land Corruption in Africa

Land and Corruption in Africa: Telling Stories of the Marginalized

24 January 2024

Land ownership in South Africa is a complex topic, with dozens of laws regulating the purchase, redistribution, and tenure of land, as well as the property rights of landowners. These laws date back decades, through pre- and post-colonial apartheid eras, and they govern different spaces – urban and…

NEWS: Land Portal celebrates 80 country profiles

13 November 2023

We are celebrating the Land Portal's 80th country profile -- Iraq -- and the 79 that stand behind it. This rich collection represents seven years of work and underpins the Land Portal's commitment to making land information open and accessible. We publish profiles in English, French, Spanish, and…

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by Ally Griffin (@pixel_goods)

Beyond Transparency: Meaningful and Inclusive Public Participation to Counter Land Corruption in Carbon Markets

4 June 2024

In Cambodia, a recent Human Rights Watch report documents how Indigenous Chong people have faced eviction and criminal charges following the establishment of a carbon offsetting project on their lands. In Kenya, “the world’s largest soil carbon removal project”, whose credits have been used to…

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Land Corruption in Africa

Breaking new ground: Insights and stories on the impact of land corruption on discriminated groups in Africa 

23 April 2024

This webinar will explore this intersection with stories from across the continent. Speakers will show how corruption undermines land equity programs designed to address the concentration of wealth and inequality in the land sector in South Africa, and how corruption exacerbates the historical…