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Community Organizations Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting
Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting
Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting
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Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting ( is a regional analytical, informational and educational platform for Central Asia. Its mission is to develop expert and journalistic analytics, provide training on new media, and provide analytical support for broad social processes in the countries of the region.

This mission is implemented through the following areas:

  • Training for young analysts and journalists;
  • The development of new genres of journalism, support for independent media, bloggers, personal media;
  • Mentoring support for graduates of IWPR and trainings;
  • Production of analytical materials;
  • Conducting dialogue events at the country and regional levels;
  • Strengthening professional ties between specialists in the region;
  • Analysis of current issues in the countries of Central Asia;
  • Informing local and foreign audiences about what is happening in the region. operates under the IWPR Central Asia Office. The international non-governmental organization Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) has been successfully implementing various programs in this region for 20 years.

Among representatives of the media, civil society and government bodies of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, IWPR is best known for its educational programs, dialogue platforms and analytical articles about the region, which are published in English and Russian on the website ( Since the end of 2014 in Central Asia, IWPR has been focused on developing the direction of analytics in the Central Asian region through its analytical platform

Component Information:

Analytical materials – regularly analyzes various problems and trends in the open spaces of the Central Asian region that appear on the platform’s website in the form of analytical articles, journalistic materials, expert comments, interviews, data materials, journalistic investigations, as well as long reads and extended analytical publications – policy briefs. These materials deal with topical issues that are of interest to a wide audience, as well as various trends and narrow-profile topics that sophisticated readers need to carefully monitor both individual countries of Central Asia and the region as a whole.

The authors of these materials are both experienced and well-known experts in Central Asian countries, journalists, recognized masters of the analytical genre, as well as young, but smart, inquisitive and ambitious graduates of educational programs in the direction of “analytics” and “analytical journalism”.



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The Significance Of The Land Issue Has Not Yet Been Realized By The Authorities Of Kazakhstan

Reports & Research
August, 2021

By creating a land commission, the Kazakh authorities managed to bring down the protest rallies in 2016, when, under pressure from citizens, the government was forced to abandon the sale and lease of land to foreigners. The goal of the national patriots was achieved, but the key issue for the citizens remained unresolved – the mechanism and procedures for the return of land to the people of Kazakhstan, sold by the authorities as a result of massive corruption deals and now belonging to oligarchs – “land barons”, has not been created by law.