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Central Asia

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Confident Gender and Land Champions

Confident Gender and Land Champions - New WOLTS Paper Published

23 May 2023

Latest paper from the WOLTS team offers new evidence of a sustainable approach to securing land rights for women and communities 

Depleted land needs more water, which is already insufficient across much of Central Asia

Central Asia’s poorest farmers know the value of their land

8 March 2023

Farmland and pastures across Central Asia are far less productive after decades of monocropping

WOLTS Mongolia success stories - new blog and a national workshop

11 October 2022

Mokoro are delighted to publish a new blog from WOLTS Mongolia team member, B. Munkhtuvshin. “Protesting herders to get government support to stop harmful mining operations” is the story of recent demonstrations by nomadic pastoralists opposed to investments in the mining sector that have infringed…

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Долоон жилийн төсөл эхэлж байхад

Долоон жилийн төсөл эхэлж байхад бид ийм их зүйл сурч авна гэж бодоогүй

16 August 2023

Хүн Төвтэй Байгаль Хамгаалал байгууллагын үйл ажиллагааны нэг чиглэл нь  малчдын, ялангуяа уул уурхайн нөлөөнд өртсөн малчин өрхийн жендэрийн асуудал юм.  Тиймээс ч бид 7 жилийн өмнө Эмэгтэйчүүдийн газар эдэлбэрийн эрхийн баталгаат байдал (ЭГЭЭББ) олон улсын төсөл д нэгдэн орсон. 

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What Works for Women on Collective Lands?

Webinar: What Works for Women on Collective Lands? (Panel 2)

Sharing practical strategies for empowering women on collectively-held lands Panel will be presented in English with simultaneous interpretation in Arabic, French, and Russian.