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Issues / Rangelands, Drylands & Pastoralism

Rangelands, Drylands & Pastoralism

Rangelands, Drylands and Pastoralism reflect the interaction between anthropogenic activities - mainly livestock and grazing - and wildlife, with deep environmental and livelihood implications.

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In the deep, cold Gobi desert, Mongolia’s nomadic herders cannot outrun climate change

2 October 2022

In the first part of a monthly series, CNA looks at the threat of desertification in Mongolia.

India-China Disengagement: Locals Regret Loss Of Grazing Land In Ladakh, Military Experts Call It A Bold Move

15 September 2022

Following the latest round of disengagement of Indian and Chinese soldiers in Eastern Ladakh, elected representatives in the region and military experts have vastly different takes on the development, with representatives saying that India has now lost its grazing fields and military experts…

As More Land Turns to Desert, Fights Erupt Over Water

17 August 2022

There are too many animals for the available water supply in the Gobi desert region. The situation worsens each year. Main photo: Bolortuya Bekh-Ochir, right, and Jargalsuren Tungalagzaya fill a trough with water for a herd of goats in Mongolia's Gobi desert region (URANCHIMEG TSOGKHUU, GPJ…


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Ethiopian pastoralists

Moving forward with communal land rights in Ethiopia: what are the legal solutions?

29 March 2022

In Ethiopia, pastoralist communities and other communal land users face significant threats due to government policies which favour large-scale land investments and erode communal land rights. Here, Daniel Behailu and Nathaniah Jacobs discuss the importance of developing laws that recognise and…

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Secure Land Rights: The Key To Sustainable Food Systems

Secure Land Rights: The Key To Sustainable Food Systems

2 September 2021

Securing land rights is critical for realizing sustainable food systems that provide food security and overcome poverty. Security of property rights is central to preserving livelihoods, maintaining social stability, and increasing incentives for investment and for sustainable, productive land use…