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Jambo Drive
Kitwe , Copperbelt Province
Copperbelt Province ZM
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Post Office Box 21692 Kitwe ZAMBIA.
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The motto of the Copperbelt University is "Knowledge and Service" . Enshrined in the motto are the following strands:

  • Knowledge and service go together. Without knowledge service is hardly possible. Without the use of knowledge in service of mankind, knowledge is useless.
  • The Copperbelt University, as a seat of learning, represents knowledge, and the tertiary-level education if offers to students is itself direct service to the students as individual persons, to society in so far as students are members of the human species, technically known as Homo Sapiens.
  • Knowledge is the basis of personal and national development by way of enlightement. The Copperbelt University attaches great importance to knowledge acquisition by students individually and severally. Facilitation of knowledge acquisition is service to the individual students and to the nation, by the Copperbelt University.
  • Knowledge is acquired by students, not for the sake of it, but rather for use by graduates in the basic task of production and distribution of goods and services to contribute meaningfully and significantly to the goal of improving the living standards of the people in particular and mankind in general. The motto is a declaration to students that they must enter the University to acquire knowledge and that they muse use it in service of mankind.
  • Knowledge generation through research is the basis of advancement. The Copperbelt University treats research as a principal function in its mission and role in society. Conversely, the knowledge component of the motto ecompasses and stresses generation for use by humanity.
  • The Copperbelt University believes in the direct application of knowledge beyond teaching. This is accomplishable through provision of consultancy services to Government institutions, industry and commerce. Such application of knowledge is part of service the Copperbelt University undertakes to offer to society and humanity.


" To contribute to the development and sustenance of the well-being of the people of Zambia and the world through the provision of flexible,  innovative,  entrepenuerial,  inclusive programmes of teaching ,   learning,   research and service. "



" To be an institution in which scholarship flourishes in an environment characterised by world class infrastructure and collaborative relations and supported by an accountable, transparent and efficient University governance system. "


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