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Land & Gender

From large land acquisitions that displace communities without due compensation, to the encroachment of mining on indigenous lands, to the brunt of climate change and natural disasters, to everyday land and property deprivation by kin or state, women are typically more harshly impacted by land tenure insecurity due to discriminatory laws and lingering social bias.

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Join us at the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Africa 2022 for the session Walk the talk of inclusive land governance – Practical approaches and voices from stakeholders!

13 September 2022

Different marginalized population groups like women, refugees, pastoralists and IPLC will be at the center of the discussion.

Blog Series Opportunity

First round of calls for #Blog4Land: Call for submissions!

1 September 2022

Theme for first round: Gender & Property Rights  Land and housing are some of the most valuable assets for an individual. However, several studies and government records have historically revealed a gender skew in property ownership, with more men owning land and housing than women. According to…

Tanzania: How Maasai Women Are Resisting Land Grabs

26 August 2022

In Mwanza, Tanzania, Nairukoki Leyian-Naisinyai tells me that here, "Corporations come with papers from the government claiming that they have the right to our land." She points to the large corporations that have entered the lands of the Maasai people to mine rubies and tanzanite. The Maasai can…


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Showcasing transformative approaches for women’s land rights

Webinar Recap: Showcasing transformative approaches for women’s land rights

22 September 2022

Empowering women to occupy leadership roles and to take an active part in decision making processes in land governance has demonstrated that strides can be made towards gender justice.

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Whose Land? - Inclusive Pathways to Land Governance

26 April 2022

How can civil society actors ensure inclusivity in their land governance work with communities? Tuesday, 26 April, 2022  10:00-11:30 AM CEST | 15:00-16:30 PM JAKARTA Both ENDS and the Land Portal Foundation held the first webinar in the Whose Land? -  Inclusive Pathways to Land Governance…