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Afesis- corplan
Non-profit organization
Focal point: 
Nontando Zintle Ngamlana
Phone number: 
+27 (0)43 743 3830


9 Wynne Street Southernwood
5201 East London
South Africa
Postal address: 
9 Wynne Street Southernwood East London 5201 South Africa
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Afesis-corplan is a development NGO situated in East London, South Africa.  Afesis-corplan has worked on deepening participatory democracy and good local governance, community development and alternative settlement development approaches since 1992. Registered as a Section 21 Company, Afesis-corplan operates under the governance of a Board of Directors. It has two broad areas of programme focus:

  • The Sustainable Settlement Programme seeks to ensure that low-income households have access to appropriate and secure land for settlement development. The aim is to ensure that well-located land for settlement development is made available timeously and affordably and that municipalities are planning for and supporting low-income settlement development interventions.
  • The Local Governance Programme seeks to ensure that citizens have multiple avenues (in planning, decision-making, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation) for engaging with the state on issues that are of interest to them, and continue to hold elected representatives to account. Afesis-corplan works to promote governance systems that provide for public participation and accountability which ensure that municipalities are listening to the views of their citizens and appreciate the experiences of local people.

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