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    Documentos de conferencias e informes
    Diciembre, 2001

    This paper introduces enforcement costs and farmer noncompliance into the economic analysis of the USDA conservation program on highly erodible lands. A model of heterogeneous producers is developed to determine the economic causes of farmer noncompliance with the provisions of the conservation program. In addition, the paper determines the enforcement policy design that can induce conservation compliance and examines the effectiveness of the current enforcement policy in deterring producer noncompliance.

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    Aggregated from the Journal of Peasant Studies
    Julio, 2020

    This paper highlights how farmers in a northern Lao village transformed their customary land rights – in the face of incoherent overlapping state territorialization attempts – into a territorial strategy to secure their land tenure. By planting rubber, some villagers have engaged in a crop boom to lay claim to land which has recently been zoned for upland rice cultivation (and conservation) as part of a state-led land use planning initiative.

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    From Rhetoric to Action: Towards a Transformed Agriculture and Food Secure Africa

    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Enero, 2014

    In 2003, the Maputo Declaration of the African Union stated that, within five years, 10 per cent of budgets of member states would be dedicated to agriculture. Ten years on, despite spending increases by some countries African governments still allocate an average of only 4 per cent of their national budgets to agriculture. Only eight out of 54 countries under the African Union have consistently reached the 10 per cent target.

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    Marzo, 2012

    Under the Kyoto Protocol to the United
    Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the
    industrialized countries adopted quantified emission
    reductions obligations. Marking the 10th anniversary of the
    establishment of the World Bank Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF)
    the world's first global carbon fund, this report seeks
    to take stock of the World Bank's experience of working
    with the Kyoto Protocol's project-based mechanisms over

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Diciembre, 2010

    Soil erosion is considered to be one of the greatest environmental problems of sub-Saharan Africa. This paper investigates the advantages and disadvantages of modelling soil erosion at the continental scale and suggests an operational methodology for mapping and quantifying 10-daily water runoff and soil erosion over this scale using remote sensing data in a geographical information system framework.

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Diciembre, 2002

    Vegetation restoration is one of the most common and effective ways to combat desertification and prevent adjacent areas from sand encroachment in many of the desertified regions of the world. However, vegetation restoration in desertified regions is very difficult because of low rainfall, the mobile ground surface, and cost. An effective, low-cost method of afforestation is urgently required. To determine such a method, a 10-year study was carried out in the Jilantai Salt Lake area.

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