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    Junio, 2014
    República de Corea

    The purpose of this Act is to contribute to the efficient management of national land, safe marine transportation, and the protection of ownership of citizens, by prescribing matters concerning the standards and procedures for surveying and waterway survey as well as the preparation, management of cadastral records and comprehensive real estate records.

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    Marzo, 2007

    The Act is enacted to perfect cadastral management, ensure land rights, and promote land use.In order to investigate cadastral registration in which the contents of rights are incomplete or inconsistent with the existing laws and regulations, after clarifying the content of rights and ownership, the authority concerned shall register again. The municipal or county (city) authority concerned shall investigate within its jurisdiction the land cadastre.

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    Noviembre, 2017

    This Order of the Cabinet Secretary implements provisions of the Land Registration Act in respect to the establishment and operation of land registration units as constituted under section 6 (l) of the Act. The Cabinet Secretary establishes registration units as set out in the First Schedule.

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    Julio, 2017
    Nueva Zelandia

    This Act, consisting of 250 sections divided into five Parts and one Schedule, establishes Land title and registration requirements.

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    Mayo, 2017

    This Decree makes several changes in Articles 4 and 5 regarding electronic registration systems and repeals Article 3 and Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 of Article 4. Furthermore this Decree amends Paragraph 1 of Article 4, which now reads “The reports include information on the quantity, quality and land use characteristics of lands (including irrigated land plots), as well as land ownership, use and lease."

    Amends: Ministerial Decree No. 94 on approval of the regulation on state land cadastre. (1999-06-07)

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    Febrero, 2012

    The Act provides the restrictions on the acquisition of immovables used as profit yielding land arising from public interest and the restrictions on the acquisition of immovables arising from national security reasons. For the purposes of the Act, public interest is, in particular, development of the management for specific purposes and sustainable management of immovables used as profit yielding land which contain agricultural and forest land.

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    Junio, 2016

    Article 1 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Lease payment for plots of agricultural land shall be calculated with application of index 0, 3 percent”.

    Amends: Regional Law No. 756-oz “On the modalities of calculation of lease payment, modalities and terms of payment of thereof for lease of land plots of public land”. (2010-02-03)

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    Febrero, 2016

    Article 8 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Urban land destined for urban and peri-urban agriculture without constructions thereon and allotted to agricultural organization or peasant farm on condition of permanent (open-ended) land tenure or hereditary life-long possession shall be purchased in ownership by the aforesaid categories of natural and legal persons at the cost of 15 percent of cadastre value of the plot of land at the date of submittal of the application”.

    Amends: Regional Law No. 1080-220 “On turnover of agricultural land”. (2013-03-05)

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    Julio, 2016

    El presente Decreto Supremo modifica el Reglamento del Régimen Temporal Extraordinario de Formalización y Titulación de Predios Rurales, para adaptarlo al proceso de descentralización en el contexto del cual corresponde asumir a los Gobiernos Regionales algunas funciones del Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego (MINAGRI), en materia de saneamiento físico legal y formalización y titulación de la propiedad agraria.

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