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    Reino Unido, Europa, Europa septentrional

    These Regulations implement the land-use planning obligations (articles 13 and 15) in Directive 2012/18/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances. The non-planning aspects of the Directive are implemented through The Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015.

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    Australia, Oceanía

    These Regulations implement the Planning and Environment Act 1987 by, among others, prescribing the manner and form of giving notice as required under the Act, related forms and information; defining the manner for keeping the register prescribed by the Act and for securing access to information.

    Implements: Planning and Environment Act 1987 (No. 47). (2016-06-28)
    Repealed by: Planning and Environment Regulations, 2015. (2015-03-16)
    Repeals: Planning and Environment Regulations 1998. (2004-08-01)

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    Australia, Oceanía

    These Regulations, consisting of 15 sections divided into four Parts and completed by one Schedule, regulates administrative and legal proceedings related to the certification of land title. Where an application is made for a certificate of title for the whole or part of the land the subject of any existing certificate or certificates of title the Registrar may, if the Registrar thinks fit, instead of creating the certificate of title so applied for, create and register a certificate of title for each lot or location or for any number of lots or locations included in that land.

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    Islas Salomón, Oceanía

    This Ordinance of the Temotu Province concerns the administration of agriculture and the control on agricultural activities in the province. The Provincial Executive may establish a Provincial Agriculture Advisory Committee, the functions of which are defined by this Ordinance.

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    Guernsey, Europa, Europa septentrional

    This Ordinance, made under the Land Planning and Development (Guernsey) Law, 2005, implements provisions of the Act by, among other things: giving definitions of selected development operations including operations in relation to conservation areas and operations in relation to protected trees; registration of planning applications and publicity of such applications; and material considerations in respect of selected matters including protected trees.

    Implements: Land Planning and Development (Guernsey) Law, 2005. (2011-03-10)

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    Kenya, África oriental, África

    These Regulations apply to land to which section 2 of the Physical Planning Act applies. All subdivision of areas to which these Regulations apply shall require the grant of permission of a local authority or liaison committee (reg. 4). Regulations 5 to 12 provides for procedures of applications and registration of applications. The register of applications, containing the information outlined in regulation 8, shall be open for inspection by the general public in accordance with regulation 12.

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    An Act to provide for the registration of title to land, for dealings with land and for related purposes.

    Isla Norfolk, Oceanía

    This Act makes provision for the registration of title in land and defines effects of registration of title. The Act also provides other rules relative to dealings in land. Land in respect of which title has been registered under this Act may not be transferred, mortgaged, leased or otherwise dealt with, and an instrument that purports to deal with such land shall not be registered, except in accordance with this Act. Rights in land shall be registered with the Registrar of Titles of Norfolk Island.

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    An Act to consolidate the law relating to the simplification of the title to and the dealing with estates in land.

    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act, consisting of 243 sections divided into fourteen Parts and completed by twenty-eight Schedules, provides for the consolidation of the law relating to the simplification of the title to and the dealing with estates in land in Western Australia. This Act does not apply to the registration of rights over land in respect of minerals, petroleum, geothermal energy or geothermal energy resources; or prevent or otherwise affect the system of registration under other Acts of mining, petroleum or geothermal energy rights in respect of land whether Crown, freehold or leasehold.

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    An Act about native title in relation to land or waters, and for related purposes.

    Australia, Oceanía

    The main objects of the Act are: (a) to provide for the recognition and protection of native title; (b) to establish ways in which the future dealings affecting native title may proceed and to set standards for those dealings; (c) to establish a mechanism for determining claims to native title; and (d) to provide for, or permit, the validation of past acts invalidated because of the existence of native title (sect. 3).The text of the Act consists of 253 sections, preceded by a preamble and divided into 15 Parts.

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    An Act to provide for controlling the development of land.

    Vanuatu, Oceanía

    This Act applies to physical planning within a Physical Planning Area declared as such by a Municipal Council or Local Government Council. In declaring an area to be a Physical Planning Area, a Council may in its absolute discretion decide that one or more of the types of development specified in Schedule I shall not require permission for development, and it shall specify those types of development in the declaration. Whenever a council declares an area to be a Physical Planning Area it shall prepare a plan of that area.

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