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    Enero, 2023
    Nueva Zelandia

    This report summarizes findings from the project “Agroecological transitions for building
    resilient and inclusive agricultural and food systems (TRANSITIONS)” which is funded by the
    European Commission through its Development of Smart Innovation through Research in
    Agriculture (DeSIRA) initiative and managed by the International Fund for Agricultural
    Development (IFAD). The Digital Tools regional work in Vietnam focused on research and
    engagement with digital tools for technical advice and performance assessment in sustainable

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    Enero, 2023

    The Central American Dry Corridor (CADC) is among the most climate-vulnerable regions worldwide. Climate change, commonly referred to as a “threat multiplier” of pre-existing socioeconomic issues, already undermines rural livelihoods by reducing agricultural yields and income opportunities. This paper provides a review of climate-related migration in the CADC region while identifying the specific pathways by which climate change manifests itself as a threat multiplier to migration.

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    Enero, 2023
    Nueva Zelandia

    This report summarizes findings from a study on digital tool use among rice farmers in Vietnam for the Inclusive Digital Tools Project (ATDT) of the Agroecological Transitions for Building Resilient and Inclusive Agricultural and Food Systems (TRANSITIONS) program. Results show that few digital tools focused on rice production in Vietnam provide technical advice and performance assistance.

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    Enero, 2023
    Nueva Zelandia

    To avoid wetland degradation and promote sustainable wetlands use, decision-makers and managing institutions need quantified and spatially explicit information on wetland ecosystem condition for policy development and wetland management. Remote sensing holds a significant potential for wetland mapping, inventorying, and monitoring.

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    Enero, 2023
    Islas Salomón

    The report summarizes the discussions and interviews with provincial fisheries officers (PFOs) at the annual PFO conference in Honiara, November 23, 2022.The report also identifies the next steps needed to build a program on fish handling based on input from participants at the Fish Innovation project reflection workshop in Nusatupe, May 16–19, 2023.

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    Enero, 2023
    Nueva Zelandia

    There is growing recognition that a better understanding of how food systems respond to crises is critical to build and protect the food security of local populations. But rigorous and reliable methods to measure food system resilience are still missing. In this paper, we build on the current literature to develop an analytical framework aimed at assessing the resilience of food systems at local level. The novel element of the analysis lies in the levels at which resilience is considered.

  7. Library Resource
    Enero, 2020
    Papua Nueva Guinea

    Ex situ seed conservation of banana crop wild relatives (Musa spp. L.), is constrained by critical knowledge gaps in their storage and germination behaviour. Additionally, challenges in collecting seeds from wild populations impact the quality of seed collections. It is, therefore, crucial to evaluate the viability of seeds from such collecting missions in order to improve the value

  8. Library Resource
    Enero, 2021
    Nueva Zelandia

    The inclusion of feed additives in livestock diets or supplements is a routine global nutritional management practice. Consequently, the existing commercial feed additive marketing and delivery pathways will be able to deliver rapid market penetration of feed additives specifically developed to reduce enteric methane emissions. So, the delivery path is clear, but are the methane mitigating additives available, effective, and are there any constraints or risks associated with their use?

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