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Mohammadia Housing Society
Road 8, House 5
1207 Mohammadpur
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Human Development Research Centre (HDRC), established in 1999, is a leading multidisciplinary research-cum-action organization in Bangladesh. HDRC, through a team of multidisciplinary experts—comprised permanent research staff and a pool of external experts— has been credited with over 200 completed studies by its name. 

HDRC’s major areas of research are—Health & Family Planning, Child & Maternal Issues, Livelihood & Food Security, Adolescent & Youth, Water-Sanitation, Poverty, Land Issues, Indigenous Peoples in Hills and Plains, Public Financing, Management Accounting,  Energy economics (focusing Rural Electrification), Migration & Remittances, Tobacco Economics, Governance & Decentralization, Unit Cost/Value for Money, Value Chain Analysis, and Gender.

Large scale primary data collection, analytical ability, statistical analysis, policy research, research-based advocacy, and report writing both in English and Bangla are core skills of HDRC. Regarding primary data collection—HDRC is seasoned in covering hard-to-reach areas and indigenous comminutes using both paper-based and computer-based survey formats.