Anagrasar Samaj Unnayan Songstha | Land Portal
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Rajkumar Shaw
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Dingaduba (Ghoshmohal)
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Dingaduba (Ghoshmohal), PS: Rajpara, District: Rajshahi
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Anagrasar Samaj Unnyan Songstha (ASUS) was started on 1998 as a non profitable and non political voluntary organization to provide support to the Indigenous people of plain land in Bangladesh. It was established to promote rights of the Indigenous Community and their empowerment. It has strong experiences in group approach, community participation, training on different areas of development, mass awareness creation in the field of the land rights, child rights, labor rights, water & sanitation, health and hygiene, recovery of Indigenous culture. Mission : Anagrasar Samaj Unnayan Songstha (ASUS) dreams such a society where established their rights, social values are like the types of Indigenous and where nations, community everything are keep their own culture, traditional structures and live together by helping each other. Vision: Indigenous people practices own culture and socio-economically empowered and just-society, which fosters harmony with the larger community, culture & Nature.