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Abril 2016

Safeguarding the world’s remaining forests is a high-priority goal. We assess the biophysical option space for feeding the world in 2050 in a hypothetical zero-deforestation world. We systematically combine realistic assumptions on future yields, agricultural areas, livestock feed and human diets.

Febrero 2016

Article 134 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Sale of plots of public or municipal land to natural persons shall also include haymaking, grazing and residential housing construction purposes”.

Amends: Land Code (No. 2768-III of 2001). (2001-10-20)

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Enero 2016

The report explores the evictions of pastoralists and other conflicts over pastoralists’ land in Tanzania, with focus on the past decade. 

Políticas Nacionales
Enero 2016

The National Strategy for Agricultural Development 2016-2025 is a sectoral policy aiming at achieving in ten years in the agricultural field the following results, together with economic, social and environmental consequences: (i) high agricultural productivity; (ii) efficiency in the use of irrigation water; (iii) high use of technology; (iv) high partnership between public and private sectors

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Diciembre 2015

Most of China's 24–28 primate species are threatened with extinction. Habitat reduction and fragmentation are perhaps the greatest threats. We used published data from a conservation genetics study of 5 endangered primates in China (Rhinopithecus roxellana, R. bieti, R. brelichi, Trachypithecus francoisi, and T.

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Diciembre 2015

In Mongolia, nomadic herders have successfully been grazing livestock for more than a millennium. However, in recent years, concerns have increased that changes in management and higher livestock stocking rates may negatively affect vegetation and increase soil erosion, overland flow and sediment load of rivers.

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Diciembre 2015

In Mediterranean Europe, wood-pasture landscapes with oak woodlands as emblematic ecosystems are undergoing rapid land-use change, which may threaten their legacy as hotspots of biodiversity, ecosystem services, and cultural heritage.

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Diciembre 2015
Estados Unidos de América

The western prairie fringed-orchid is a rare North American orchid restricted to a few remnants of wet to mesic tallgrass prairie. It is federally listed in both Canada and the United States and both countries have developed a recovery plan for the species. Two key management objectives are to monitor population trends and identify beneficial management practices.

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Diciembre 2015

The objective of this study was to determine the impact of livestock grazing management systems on soil and vegetation dynamics under different environmental conditions of Botswana. Soil and vegetation were randomly sampled along transects located in three ranches and adjacent communal grazing land in 2009 and 2010.

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