Why to contribute to the Land Portal?


  • You will become a member of a very active community that aims at addressing the land issues at the global and local level
  • You can increase the dissemination impact of your organization by attarcting new visitors from the land portal to your site
  • You can increase the reuse of your content through the linked data interface that Land Portal provides for you

I want to connect my collection to Land Library

Before you contribute

If you have resources that relate to land topics then you can make them available through Land Portal. Just go through the following checklist. To be sure, just check if your collection fits in one of the Land Portal subject categories. 

Option 1: I have a repository or content management system with online land resources

Metadata reccomendations

Make sure that your system stores and exports the following information for each resource

  • Title 
  • Description
  • Keywords and/or Subject
  • Type of the resource
  • Link to the online document
  • Language of the resource
  • License for the resource

Please check here the detailed documentation for the land portal's metadata schema.

System recommendations

Make sure that you can support one of the following options. You may need the help of your system administrator in this. You may share with him the following check list.

Does your system support OAI-PMH protocol? 

In that case you will need to provide us the OAI-PMH end point and a documentation for the metadata format.

Does your system provides a RESTful API or SPARQL end point that publishes the metadata records?

In that case please provide us the documentation of your web API.

Can you provide a dump file with all the metadata records for your resources?

In that case please share with us the dump file and we will perform all the necessary actions to publich your data on the Land Portal Library.

Option 2: I have land resources but no system

You can use the Land Resources sharing tool. Apply now for an account.

How my data will be used

Land Library will publish your resources using the license that you will provide us. The metadata of each resource may be enriched during the import process.

All the metadata records published on Land Portal are available as open dataset licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International LicenseCreative Commons License

I want to become a local land hub


In case you have a local or regional community but you do not have the tools to share land resources, Land Portal is offering an open source software kit that you can use in order to set up your local land knowledge hub that will be automatically connected to the Land Portal.

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