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This Code embraces an extremely comprehensive range of issues relating to land use and management. The 16 Chapters are entitled as follows: General (1); Authority of the Parliament, Government and local self-administration bodies in the sphere of land relations (2); Allocation and alienation of land (3); Rights and obligations of landowners (4); Agricultural function land (5); Land within residential area borders (6); Land with industrial, transportation, communications and other specific functions (7); Land with nature preservation, health improvement, recreational, historic and cultural functions, suburban areas and green belts (8); Woodlands, land under water basins, reserve land stock (9); Land cadastre and land utilization system (10); Altering land functions (11); Land preservation and improvement (12); State control over and monitoring of the land stock (13); Settling land disputes (14); Responsibility for the violation of land legal acts (15); International agreements (16).Some interesting provisions: environmental preservation and protection of land enjoys a priority over other activities (art. 5); land operations causing a negative impact on agricultural, forest and other areas outside allocated land plots are inadmissible (art. 31); land plots for folk crafts and trades, market-gardening and horticultural associations can be allocated by the local administration (arts. 38-40).

Amended by: Law No. 277-XV amending Article 21 of the Land Code. (2004-07-16)
Amended by: Law No. 1006-XV amending Land Code. (2002-04-25)
Amended by: Law No. 101-XVI amending Land Code of the Republic of Moldova. (2007-04-20)

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Robert L. Cemovich

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