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Biblioteca Law No. 8312 on non-divided agricultural lands.

Law No. 8312 on non-divided agricultural lands.

Law No. 8312 on non-divided agricultural lands.

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The object of this Law is the juridical regulation of non-divided agricultural lands and refused agricultural lands by those families who do not agree to accept them into ownership or use.Non-divided agricultural lands are considered areas, registered in the cadastral under the heading of Agricultural Land on 1 August 1991, within the borders of a definite administrative unit (village, commune or municipal which have agricultural lands out of the designated borders) that are not divided by land commissions or are rejected by families or individuals and had not changed the cadastral listing until the date of the enactment of this Law. Agricultural lands of former agricultural enterprises that are not yet divided shall remain disposable by the State and are not subject to this Law. Agricultural lands that are in areas with tourism priorities are treated according to the respective laws and sublaws. Non-divided agricultural lands are under the administration of the Council of the Commune or Municipality that controls land commissions of the villages for land re-division according to criteria. Invasion, abuse or damage of agricultural lands, object of the Law, by natural or legal persons is punishable according to the penal code.

Implemented by: Regulation No. 531 on non-divided agricultural lands. (1998-08-21)
Implemented by: Guideline No. 1 dated 18.7.2012 on the procedures of leasing undivided agricultural land. (2012-07-18)
Amended by: Regulation No. 3 on the procedures for lending undivided agricultural lands. (2007-05-16)

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