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Enero 1998
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This Act regulates the Land Surveyors in Manitoba and provides for the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors is continued as a body corporate. It is divided up into 18 different Parts, as follows: Definitions; Association; Meetings; Elections; Secretary-Treasurer; Board of Examiners; Students; Admission to Practise; Special Admissions; Register of Surveyors; Suspensions and Discipline; Annual Register; Fees; Prohibitions and Penalties; Rights and Powers of Surveyors; Association Funds; General Provisions and Schedules.The association may acquire, hold and dispose of real and personal property, (sect. 4) and may pass by-laws (sect. 5). Section 6 creates the executive council for the management of the association, and outlines its composition practice and procedures. Section 16(1) states that there shall be a board of examiners for the examination of candidates for admission to study, and for commissions to practise as land surveyors. The qualifying/training procedure to become a land surveyor is outlined in sections 20 to 27. Acquiring foreign citizenship is dealt with at section 29. Section 34 provides that the secretary-treasurer shall make and keep a correct register in Form I in the Schedule, of all persons who are entitled to be registered under this Act. A member may be suspended or expelled if convicted of an indictable offence and the complaints procedure as well as possible court action is set out in sections 40 to 47. The Schedules contain the following: Examiner's Oath of Office; Articles of Indenture of student; Assignment of Articles of student; Surveyor's Certificate of Service; Commission as Manitoba Land Surveyor; Surveyor's Bond; Oath of Allegiance; Surveyor's Oath of Office; Form of Register; and Surveyors' Annual Register.

Repealed by: Land Surveyors Act (C.C.S.M. c. L60). (2013)

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