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This Act regulates the title to land in Alberta. It is divided into 23 parts as follows: 1. Land Titles Office (sect. 4); 2. Officers (sects. 5-24); 3. Registration (sects. 25-59); 4. Transfers (sects. 68-74); 5. Plans (sects. 76-95); 6. Leases (sects. 98-104); 7. Mortgages and Encumbrances (sects. 105-113); 8. Powers of Attorney (sect. 115); 9. Transmission (sects. 116-120); 10. Enforcement (sects. 122 and 123); 11. Changes of Name (sect. 128); 12. Assignment for Benefit of Creditors; (sect. 129); 13. Amending Agreements (sect. 129); 14. Caveats (sects. 130-148); 15. Liens under The Builders' Lien Act (sect. 149);16. Assignments of Contracts of Sale (sect. 150); 17. Attestation of Instruments (sects. 151-153); 18. Assurance Fees (sects. 154-172); 19. Remedial Proceedings; 20. Ejectment (sect. 173); 21. Appeals and References to The Judge (sects. 174-182); 22. Appeal (sects. 183-187); 23. General Provisions (sects. 190-206); and Schedules. This Act provides the legal mechanism for registration of land-related documents and establishes priority between them. The Government guarantees the title and a fund is set up to compensate people who have been deprived of an interest in land (e.g. by error of the registrar, fraud, or forgery).

Implemented by: Forms Regulation (Alta. Reg.480/81). (2012)
Implemented by: Tariff of Fees Regulation (Alta. Reg. 120/2000). (2011)
Implemented by: Metric Conversion Regulation (Alta. Reg. 22/2000). (2010)
Implemented by: Name Search Regulation (Alta Reg. 207/99). (2010)
Amended by: Land Titles Amendment Act (S.A. 2006, c. 21). (2006-05-24)

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