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Biblioteca Customary Land (Development) Act (59:01).

Customary Land (Development) Act (59:01).

Customary Land (Development) Act (59:01).
An Act to provide for the ascertainment of rights and interests in customary land; for the better agricultural development of customary land and for other purposes connected therewith or incidental thereto.

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“Customary land”, “private land” and “public land” shall bear the same meaning in this Act as in the Land Act. The Minister may apply the provisions of this Act to areas in which, according to the Minister, ascertainment of interests in customary land or the agricultural development of such land require the application of provisions of this Act. If demarcation or recording of rights or interests in customary land in areas to which the Act shall apply, has been carried out prior to the declaration to that effect and the Minister holds that such demarcation, recording or development of land has been carried out substantially with the principles of this Act, he or she may declare that such demarcation, recording or development shall be deemed to be carried out under this Act and make provisions for the completion of the process of land allocation or development of land if necessary. An Allocation Officer and Demarcation Officers, Recording Officers and Survey Officers shall be appointed for purposes of this Act in a development area. A Land Committee shall be appointed under section 5. The Land Committee shall assist the appointed officers in the allocation process and carry out other functions assigned to it under section 6. Section 16 concerns resolution of disputes by the Committee An allocation record shall be drawn up if a Recording Officer is satisfied that customary rights in land entitle a person to be registered as proprietor of land under the Registered Land Act (sect. 19). Land may be set aside as public land pursuant to section 21.

Repealed by: Customary Land Act (No. 19 of 2016). (2016-09-01)

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