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Biblioteca Conservation Areas Act 1999 (Cap. 30.15).

Conservation Areas Act 1999 (Cap. 30.15).

Conservation Areas Act 1999 (Cap. 30.15).
An Act to make provisions for the declaration and management of conservation areas and related purposes.

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This Act provides for the institution of “Conservation Areas”, i.e. areas declared to be such under section 3. Conservation Areas may include marine areas within the territorial sea, any terrestrial area including swamps, islets, reef flats, channels, sand banks and coral reef" in the territory of Tuvalu. The purposes of a Conservation area may be one or more of the following: (a) environment protection, including coastal, marine and terrestrial areas; (b) conservation and protection of biosphere reserves and habitats; (c) biological diversity preservation; (d) promotion of scientific studies and research on conservation areas. No person shall hunt, kill or capture any turtle, bird or fish in conservation areas designated under this Act.

Implemented by: Kaupule o Funafuti Conservation Area Order (Cap. 30.15.1). (2008-12-31)

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