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Biblioteca Coast Development Authority Act (Cap. 449).

Coast Development Authority Act (Cap. 449).

Coast Development Authority Act (Cap. 449).
An Act of Parliament to provide for the establishment of an Authority to plan and co-ordinate the implementation of development projects in whole of the Coast Province and the exclusive economic zone and for connected purposes.

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This Act makes provision for the establishment of the Coast Development Authority of Kenya and defines its powers, functions and internal organization. The Act consists of 17 sections divided into 5 Parts.The Coast Development Authority is established as a body corporate and shall be composed of Government officers, the Provincial Commissioner for the Coast Province (“Area”) and representatives of the area affected by the operations of the Authority. The Authority shall be responsible for the development of the Area and for this purpose shall draft a development plan. Furthermore, the Authority shall coordinate and monitor various activities in the Area such as the abstraction of water and shall take various measures for the protection of soil and water resources in the Area. It shall also carry out relevant research and plan and coordinate with the relevant authorities regarding the exploration and development of fishing and marine activities in Kenya especially in the exclusive economic zone and ensure that landowners in the Area undertake all the measures specified by the Authority to protect water and soil of the Area. The Authority may (compulsorily) acquire private or public land if such land is required by the Authority for its purposes.

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