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Biblioteca Samoa Trust Estates Corporation Act 1977.

Samoa Trust Estates Corporation Act 1977.

Samoa Trust Estates Corporation Act 1977.
An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the Samoa Trust Estates Corporation.

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This Act continues the Samoa Trust Estates Corporation. The functions of the Corporation shall include: (a) to control, manage, and develop as trustee for and on behalf of the people of Samoa: (i) the assets of the Corporation vested in it; and (ii) any other assets that the Corporation may have acquired or may acquire, whether real or personal, and (b) to ensure the efficient and prudent agricultural, horticultural, pastoral, industrial, commercial or other development of its lands, assets and other enterprises. The Corporation may also: (a) hold any lands as reserves for any purposes consistent with the functions of the Corporation; or (b) dedicate any lands by the Corporation for any public purpose as defined in the Taking of Land Act 1964. The Corporation shall have the power to cultivate the lands of the Corporation and develop its resources and sell or otherwise make use of the produce and livestock therefrom. The Corporation shall dispose of any land or any interest therein only with the approval of the Cabinet.

Amended by: Samoa Trust Estates Corporation Reconstruction Act 1990. (1990-08-29)

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