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Enero 2000
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The purpose of this Act is to promote the proper land use and improve the environment in rural community. The Text consists of 35 Articles divided into 6 Chapters: General provisions (I); Selection and Determination of Readjustment Areas (II); Readjustment Encumbrance and Construction Work (III); Land Redistribution and Dispute Settlement(IV); Right Liquidation and Arrangement of Cadastration(V); Supplementary Provisions (VI).Article 5 gives the circumstances in which the local competent authority shall apply transacting Rural Community Land Readjustment to the Central Competent Authority for approval. The landowners shall organize the Readjustment Commission independently to transact rural community land readjustment for improving land use and broaden arrangements of rural community land readjustment (art.9). The government shall pay the expenses of administrative affairs and planning design for Rural Community Land Readjustment. The costs on the construction works are shared at the proportion formulated by the Executive Yuan by the government and the landowners (art.11). All the lands in the readjustment area shall be redistributed. The rights and the identification of lands recorded on the land register are identified at the time of one day before the redistributing work begins (art.14).

Implemented by: Implementing Rules of Rural Community Land Readjustment Act. (2006-07-18)

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Quan Gao (LEGN)

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