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Mayo 2012
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This Decree consisting of 14 articles aims at determining the mandatory assets to be followed in order to assess the potential environmental effects of any proposed policy, plan, program, study, investment or organization affecting a Lebanese area or sector of activity in order to ensure that these projects are suitable for public health and safety, environmental protection and sustainability of natural resources. The Decree mainly applies for water and wastewater management, energy, transport and waste management in general, and guidelines for regulating land use, development of residential, industrial, agricultural, tourism and environmental sectors, investment of natural resources and extracted materials. Shall also be subject to the provisions of this Decree all the policies, programs, studies or investments requiring the application of official licenses or conducting environmental impact assessment studies (EIA). Part II deals with the Stages of Strategic Environmental Assessment. The project owner is committed to the plan for managing the expected impacts of implementation, which includes Mitigation Plan and/or the enhancement of the positive results as well as an environmental monitoring plan during implementation.Annex 1 contains the Project Classification (Screening); Annex 2 lists the information needed to define the scope of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA); Annex 3 lists the information required in the SEA study.

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Following World War I, France acquired a mandate over the northern portion of the former Ottoman Empire province of Syria. The French demarcated the region of Lebanon in 1920 and granted this area independence in 1943. Since independence the country has been marked by periods of political turmoil interspersed with prosperity built on its position as a regional center for finance and trade. The country's 1975-90 civil war that resulted in an estimated 120,000 fatalities, was followed by years of social and political instability. Sectarianism is a key element of Lebanese political life.

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