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    Marzo, 2005

    This Regional Law regulates land relations within the framework of plenary powers transferred to the regional executive bodies by the federal legislation. Regional Government shall perform the following plenary powers: (a) decision-making related to expropriation, including bailout, in cases envisaged by acting legislation; (b) land reclamation; (c) modalities of calculation of land lease and land rent payment for public land pertaining to regional ownership; (d) validation of cadastre land evaluation; and (e) application of land use restrictions.

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    Enero, 1977

    This Act provides generally for registration of rights in land and land tenure in Belize. “Land” includes land covered with water, all things growing on land and buildings and other things permanently affixed to land. Except as otherwise provided in this Act, but subject to section 38 of National Lands Act, no law, practice or procedure relating to land shall apply to land registered under this Act so far as it is inconsistent with this Act.

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    Junio, 2011

    The Article 8, 34 and 175 of the Land Law are canceled. Article 172 is amended as: The land value tax shall be levied on the landowner. In the case of any land subject to dien, the said tax shall be paid by the dien-holder. The Article 34-1 is also amended. For the disposal of ownership, or changes of, or setting encumbrance of superficies, agricultural right, servitude of real property, or dien over co-owned land or constructional improvements, the consent of more than half of the Co-owners whose holding of ownership is more than half of the total share shall be required.

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    Octubre, 2017

    El presente Decreto Legislativo modifica la Ley de fortalecimiento de la camaricultura, respecto a la creación del Registro Especial Asociado de Concesiones o Contratos de Arrendamiento de Playones Nacionales para el Cultivo de Camarón, el cual está a cargo del Instituto de la Propiedad (IP), en el que debe inscribirse otorgamiento, modificación, cancelación, transmisión y gravamen de casa concesión; así mismo, debe inscribirse las mejoras actuales o futuras que los concesionarios efectúen en los predios otorgados en arrendamientos por el Estado (Artículo 6º).

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    Enero, 1941
    Estados Unidos de América

    This Chapter of the Florida Statutes regulates forestry.

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    Enero, 2016

    This new Provincial Lands Act aims to modernize the legislative framework and provide better environmental. In particular, the Act provides for better protection for Crown land by investing the government with the ability to respond and take action when land is being misused, such as issuing immediate stop work orders. Furthermore, the framework for the Ministry of Agriculture Crown leases shall be used as security; and the time period of certain long-term leases where significant investments are possible, such as wind power development shall be increased.

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    Julio, 1992
    San Vicente y las Granadinas

    This Act provides with respect to the management and conservation of forest resources in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It also provides for the protection of water resources present in forest areas and lease of forest land.

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    Diciembre, 1990

    This Land Code is divided into the following Chapters: Fundamental provisions (1); Powers of local Soviets of People's Deputies and the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of regulation of land relationships (2); Possession and use (3); Withdrawal of lands (4); Land leasing (5); Cessation and transfer of the right of possession and right of use of land (6); Use of plots of land for survey work (7); Tax and rents on land (8); (Agricultural provisions), Basic provisions (9); Ownership of collective farms, State farms and other agricultural enterprises, institutions and organizations (10); lando

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    Julio, 2014
    Viet Nam

    This Law prescribes for the land ownership, powers and responsibilities of the State in representing the entire-people ownership of land and uniformly managing land, the land management and use regimes, and the rights and obligations of land users over the land in the territory of Vietnam. The persons taking responsibility before the State for land use are: 1. The head of an organization, a foreign organization with diplomatic functions, or a foreign invested enterprise, is responsible for the land use by his/her organization. 2.

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    Agosto, 2017

    This Law, consisting of 58 articles divided into four Chapters, provides for the regime of use of uncultivated lands and other community productive lands owned and managed by local communities integrated in the cooperative and social sector as means of production. It specifies the requirements to be satisfied for exploiting these lands, and establishes the conditions for land expropriation, use, etc. It lays down duties, competencies and composition of national administration responsible for the management of the above mentioned lands.

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