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  1. Library Resource

    Volume 9 Issue 2

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Febrero, 2020

    Conservation of the environment has become a key factor in tourist development, as is shown by the increase in visitors to natural parks and other places with rich ecosystems. Protected areas have become polarised centers for tourists of very varied characteriztics, not only for those who make them their main destination, but also for those who travel to nearby areas.

  2. Library Resource

    Volume 9 Issue 2

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Febrero, 2020
    Italia, Europa meridional

    Mediterranean regions have experienced a shift from accelerated urban growth typical of a post-industrial phase to a more recent spatial delocalization of population and economic activities reflecting discontinuous settlement expansion, land take, and the abandonment of cultivated areas around central cities. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of land-use, settlement, and demographic indicators, the present study explores urban growth and population density over a sufficiently long time period in a metropolitan region of Southern Europe (Rome, Italy).

  3. Library Resource

    Volume 9 Issue 1

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Enero, 2020
    Grecia, Europa

    Mediterranean regions are likely to be the most vulnerable areas to wildfires in Europe. In this context, land-use change has promoted land abandonment and the consequent accumulation of biomass (fuel) in (progressively less managed) forests and (non-forest) natural land, causing higher fire density and severity, economic damage, and land degradation. The expansion of Wildland-Urban Interfaces (WUIs) further affects fire density by negatively impacting peri-urban farming and livestock density.

  4. Library Resource

    Volume 9 Issue 1

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Enero, 2020

    In the academic context, especially in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism, urban form studies are assumed to be a vehicle for reflection on the built and unbuilt city. This essay aims to challenge the most common and stabilized morphological approaches in the city reading process, invoking vegetation and its role as an element of urban composition that is recurrently left out of it.

  5. Library Resource

    Volume 9 Issue 1

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Enero, 2019
    Portugal, España

    This work analyzes the determinants associated with main land use/cover changes in the Iberian Peninsula during the 1990–2012 period using a decision tree model. Our main objective is to identify broad-scale patterns that associate the characteristics of geographic areas with the dominant land use/cover change process based on CORINE Land Cover (Coordination of Information on the Environment) and defined in a previously published work. Biophysical, structural and socioeconomic variables were considered as potentially explanatory of the dominant change process at municipal scale.

  6. News
    Why Rattan Manjari Fights for Tribal Women's Land Rights in Himachal Pradesh
    6 Enero 2020

    When Manjari was 23, she was elected the first woman pradhan in her village as well as in all of Himachal Pradesh. She hasn't looked back since.



  7. Blog post

    Según el más reciente análisis del Grupo de Diálogo Rural en Colombia, las precarias condiciones de los municipios con cultivos de coca limitan considerablemente la cobertura en educación, salud, empleo y calidad de vida de 298.000 jóvenes rurales..

  8. Library Resource

    Volume 8 Issue 11

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Noviembre, 2019

    Turbulent periods of transition from socialism to neoliberal capitalism, which have affected the relationships between holders of power and governing structures in Serbia, have left a lasting impact on the urban spaces of Belgrade’s cityscape. The typical assumption is that the transformation of the urban form in the post-socialist transition is induced by planning interventions which serve to legitimize these neoliberal aspirations.

  9. Library Resource

    Volume 8 Issue 10

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Octubre, 2019
    Europa meridional

    Urbanization in Mediterranean Europe has occurred in recent decades with expansion of residential, commercial and industrial settlements into rural landscapes outside the traditional metropolitan boundaries. Industrial expansion in peri-urban contexts was particularly intense in Southern Europe. Based on these premises, this work investigates residential and industrial settlement dynamics in the Valencian Community, Spain, between 2005 and 2015, with the aim to clarify the role of industrial expansion in total urban growth in a paradigmatic Mediterranean region.

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