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    Enero, 2022
    Sierra Leona, Camerún

    National Land Coalitions (NLCs) work towards the recognition, defence, protection and redistribution of land rights at national level. They build upon frameworks on land tenure developed and agreed by different regional and intergovernmental institutions. Platforms are at the heart of protecting and preserving community and customary lands which constitute the major category of landholding in Africa.

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    Enero, 2023
    Etiopía, Polonia, Noruega

    Assessment Of Urban Land Governance For Sustainable Governance In Ethiopia

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    Enero, 2021

     To benefit from the underutilised potential of urban land resources, the introduction and improvement of land registration and cadastral systems have been advocated. However, evidence from empirical research in a number of developing economies including those in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) continues to show mixed or inconclusive outcomes from the implementation and operations of such systems.

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    Enero, 2022
    Tanzania, Noruega

    ABSTRACT African culture and tradition on matrilineal land ownership are on the verge of disappearing. Land ownership in rural communities remains an important cultural dimension to secure livelihoods, economic growth, and sustainable development. Gender relations continue to interfere culture and tradition of matrilineal communities. Migration has changed the community and influenced the land ownership transformation from women to men.

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    Enero, 2022
    Rwanda, Noruega

    Insecurity over land ownership in Rwanda was a critical part of the tension between communities. Addressing insecurity around land has consequently been one of the foremost priorities of the post-conflict reforms initiated in Rwanda following the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Rwanda set out to address the issue of land ownership and land-related challenges through passage of several laws and policies.

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    Enero, 2022
    Rwanda, Noruega

    ABSTRACTElectronic land titling in the field of land administration being a new concept of right registration on land and properties developed on it, is seen to be the future of a centric land administration in Rwanda. Rwanda is promoting a cashless economy and a full paperless land administration aiming at promoting the principle of “zero trip zero paper”.

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    Enero, 2021
    Ghana, Noruega

    Land Disputes And Conflicting Land-Court Judgement Resolution In Ghana: Perspectives Of Regulatory Stakeholders

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    Enero, 2022
    Zambia, Noruega

    Effectiveness Of Public Institutions In Addressing Illegal Acquisition Of State Land In Zambia: Case Of Ministry Of Lands And Kitwe Municipality

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    Enero, 2023
    Sierra Leona

    It is critical to have land policies that facilitate access to and effective control of land and other natural resources to achieve inclusive growth and eradicate poverty. It is well known that discrimination in land rights occurs globally, both in formal and customary settings. The reason for this is that land rights are either strong or weak and are held by a variety of groups of people.

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    Enero, 2022

    Like in a number of other developing countries, the issue of illegal occupation of land is evident in Zambia’s cities. This problem has continued to exist, despite the existence of laws and public institutions meant to address the issue. The objectives of this paper were to establish the factors that lead to continued illegal land occupation in Zambia’s cities, establish the consequences of illegal occupation of land, and suggest how illegal occupation of land can be eradicated.

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