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Library Berlin Green Spaces Law.

Berlin Green Spaces Law.

Berlin Green Spaces Law.
Gesetz zum Schutz, zur Pflege und zur Entwicklung der öffentlichen Grün- und Erholungsanlagen (Grünanlagengesetz - GrünanlG).

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The present Law lays down provisions relating to the protection, care and development of public green land and recreational spaces, including parts of forests. The text consists of 9 articles as follows: Definition of terms and sphere of application (art. 1); Registration and deletion (art. 2); Inventory (art. 3); Protection, care and development (art. 4); Traffic regulations in green land (art. 5); Penalties (6); Consequences of the violation of prohibiting measures (art. 7); Transitional provisions (art. 8); Entry into force, repeal (art. 9).

Implements: Directive 2000/76/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the incineration of waste. (2000-12-04)

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